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New Fire Station

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The Cloverdale Fire Protection District moved into our new fire station in January of 2010. This station will serve our 76 square mile fire district for years to come. The station was designed and located to meet the needs of our community for the next fifty years. It was time consuming and challenging to design a building that would meet a growing communities needs for the next fifty years but we are confident we have met that challenge. The process started in 1998 when the newly appointed fire chief was instructed by the Board of directors to find a piece of property for the construction of our own fire station. The City of Cloverdale had gone ahead with building the City Plaza, which included blocking off Broad Street and placing a parking lot in front of the fire station. It was obvious the fire station was no longer adequately located. Our community was moving south of its downtown core with Furber Plaza and Clover Springs developments and a state mandated structural inspection found the building to be structurally non-compliant. This new building will proudly serve as a beautiful civic building for our community and be dedicated to the memory of Board member Jack Domenichelli. We appreciate the cooperation we have received from the City of Cloverdale, the Community Develop Agency (which provided the majority of the funding) the Architectural firm Archilogix of Santa Rosa and Ridgeview Builders the General Contractor. If you have any questions about our new fire station project, please contact the fire chief.

Financially Efficient
Your volunteer firefighters continue to serve our community twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Thanks to these dedicated citizens the Fire District is able to maximize your tax dollars.  If you are interested in seeing how financially efficient our service delivery is; do not hesitate to contact the Fire Chief for detailed information or, come to a regularly scheduled Board meeting.  Our monthly line item financial statements are available to the public each month and can be found on our website.