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About Us

A Message From The Fire Chief

Your Cloverdale Fire Protection District is an independent fire district having its own governing Board of Directors.  The 75 square mile area served includes the City of Cloverdale and surrounding areas; east to the Geysers, west to Lake Sonoma, north to the Mendocino County line and South to Zanzi Lane.  

In 2019 The Cloverdale Fire Protection District created a JPA partnership with the (formally) Geyserville Fire Protection District to become Northern Sonoma County Fire.  This partnership has a long-standing tradition of providing the highest level of public safety service to our citizens with your tax dollars in mind.  In the largest sense, Northern Sonoma County Fire protects over 500 square miles in Northern Sonoma County.  The fire district depends on dedicated volunteer firefighters and career staff to meet our mission. 

Firefighters attend training sessions each week from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.  Additional training is often scheduled on weekends.  The commitment to become a firefighter in our community is extensive.  Personnel are on call 24 hours a day and often respond throughout the night to fires, emergency medical aids, rescues, and hazardous material incidents.  Each year our firefighters respond to over 2000 emergencies throughout Northern Sonoma County.  As you sleep, your professional career and volunteer firefighters are in the community providing service.  The fire district cannot express enough gratitude to our personnel for their commitment to service.  It is rewarding to see how frequently our citizens share their appreciation for the services we deliver.

I am very proud to help lead this dedicated organization as we move forward.   North County Fire Cloverdale Board of Directors and I encourage your participation in our effort to provide the highest level of service we can provide.  If you have any comments, or would like to attend our public board meetings, please contact our office at 894-3545. The Fire District Board meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 pm, at the fire station located at 451 S. Cloverdale Blvd.


Jason L. Jenkins Fire Chief