Cloverdale Fire Protection District
Cloverdale Fire Protection DistrictCloverdale Fire Protection DistrictCloverdale Fire Protection DistrictCloverdale Fire Protection DistrictCloverdale Fire Protection District


Mission and Values

Mission Statement: The Cloverdale Fire District exists to protect lives, property, and the environment of our community, from fires, disasters and emergency incidents through education, prevention and emergency response.

We are committed to a creative process which develops mutual respect and pride in ourselves and the community. To this end, we value:

The following statements on Fire District philosophy are intended to clarify and document an assumed system of values and viewpoints by which our District should function.

Our Fire District subscribes to the following six general principles:

  1. Our first priority is to the citizens of the District we serve. We should be responsive to their needs and requests and should attempt to accommodate every need within the scope of our service and capabilities.
  2. Employee safety is of primary importance. We should provide the safest environment possible with the best resources we can afford.
  3.  We should maximize the productivity of our budgeted dollars. We should seek economy and savings whenever possible.
  4. Our professional image is important. We should take pride and personal responsibility for presenting a positive public appearance and demeanor.
  5.  We should all be encouraged, and asked, to express our opinions. Ultimately, we should all actively work together to accomplish our District's goals and objectives because the citizens are expecting (and paying) us to do so.
  6.  District members must have input regarding decisions that affect their areas of responsibility.